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We are DPIIT Certified, MSME Registered

We at BETi provide best quality Mushroom Spawn, Mushroom byproducts, biomaterials, and training to aspirants and college students in the field of Biotech, Micro, Pharma, Food etc. We are purpose driven Social Entrepreneurs providing Value Added Solution through Agri-waste...Supporting our Research, innovation and Products means supporting Our Environment and Mother Earth...Thanks Team BETi

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Mushroom Spawn

BETi provide Superior Quality, First generation, Disease Free, High Yield, Quality tested Best Mushroom Spawn (seeds). Spawn is developed under strict Laboratory conditions by Biotech & Microbio experts of BETi.

Pure Culture

At BETi pure cultures of Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms are obtained by tissue culture and maintained by subculturing and preservation techniques at culture specific conditions.

Laboratory Products

BETi supply equipments and materials required in Mushroom Spawn Laboratory and Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory.

Mushroom KITS

For hobby growers and Mushroom Lovers, BETi has launched customer friendly kits and Ready bags to grow fresh mushrooms in no time at home and saving our environment from pollution.

Mushroom Products

All types of Mushroom Powders, Tasty Mushroom By-products developed to add nutrition to our food and build immunity have been developed by Research team of BETi to eradicate malnutrition .

Eco-friendly Products

Ecofiendly biomaterials like biopackaging, keyring, fridge-magnets developed by Research Team of BETi utilizing Agriwaste and Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS). We are replacing plastic and thermocol.

Support and Services >

We provided support and services on mushroom cultivation, internship, workshop etc.

Internship/ Dissertation/ Project/ Workshop

To make industrial ready workforce only achieved by prior exposure to the industrial...



Consultancy on  Mushroom farming, Spawn laboratory, Hydroponics, Tissue culture...

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Mushroom Training

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