Mushroom Cultivation Hands on Training

It will be a two day  non residential session including theory and hands on practical with six months guidance

Session 1

  1. Life-cycle and importance of Mushrooms
  2. Edible Mushrooms and their cultivation
  3.  Methods of Cultivation
  4. Shelf Life & Harvesting
  5. Post Harvesting processing and Quality Management
  6. Hands on Practical Session
  7. Nutritional and  Medicinal value of Mushrooms
  8. Types &

Session 2

  1. Packaging & Careful Transportation
  2. Design and establishment of mushroom farm
  3. Precautions & Pest Management
  4. Spent Mushroom Substrate   (SMS) Management
  5. Spawn (Mushroom Seeds) overview
  6. Pre and Post Precautions during process
  7. Value Addition
  8. Preparation of different recipe of mushroom
  9. Marketing of mushroom and its products.

We also Provide Certificate

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