About BETi

BETi stands for Biotech Era Transforming India which was established for research and training in Indore, India in 2017 by Dr. Pooja Dubey Pandey (M.Sc. Ph.D. Biotechnology) with the main goal of providing reliable custom Spawn services and training to Mushroom growers across India. In 2019 BETi  became a DPIIT certified startup under startup India with the name BETi Innovative Pvt. Ltd. company with two Directors Dr. Pooja D. Pandey and Mr. Pradeep Pandey. 

Mission of BETi is to “Eradicate Malnutrition and Pollution” from our country and being Biotechnologist and being Indian we appreciate our ancient science which have scientific base and wonderful biotechnology hidden, therefore, our future Vision is “To Upscale Traditions Scientifically”.  We have expertise in Plant and Animal Tissue Culture and various Biological Techniques, our company is plannings for future sustainable and ecofriendly future of India by digging into past. We are now gaining attraction from other countries due to continuous noise by BETi, we will be utilising maximum agriwaste from crops and mushroom (SMS) production doubling farmer’s income. As Mushroom cultivation is vertical farming, very less water is required as compared to other crops, farmer health and income can be improved by utilising agriwaste which is value addition of agriwaste, as this is the need of hour due to climate change and carbon footprint, we see ourself creating a great impact in Indian Agriculture value chain also we have plans for exporting our products.

Our core focus is to solve two major problems of our country i.e.  pollution and malnutrition. The burning of agriculture waste by farmers is responsible for atmospheric pollution and the use of single use plastic or carcinogenic, non-degradable styrofoam is polluting land and water on the other hand malnutrition has become a serious issue of our country due to unhealthy eating habits or lack of food.  We have found the  all in one solution for all of the above problems with the help of Nutritious Superfood Mushrooms. Mushrooms being a super nutritious food can be grown on crop residues with limited water and land requirement besides this the waste generated from from mushroom cultivation and rest of the agriwaste is used by us for developing ecofriendly  packaging and various articles which can replace thermocol and plastic in future. We have developed a few value added products from mushroom powder and other superfoods like moringa, chia seeds etc. Our seasoning from Mushroom and moringa taste like Maggie masala. Our team includes Biotechnologist, Microbiologist, Industrial Engineer and a youngest idea generating budding entrepreneur

BETi Focus Areas

  • Providing reliable Superior quality Mushroom Spawn  
  • Training to Mushroom growers across India.
  • Environment Safety based research using Waste to Wealth concept (Biomaterials from Agriwaste and mushroom waste -SMS)
  • Eradicating Malnutrition by Functional food and Super-food based product development
  • Upscaling our traditional products and processes scientifically.
  • Developing applied research thinking and skills in students from different fields including Biotech, Micro, Agriculture, Food, Pharma etc.  for society by internship and research projects

Team Members

Dr. Pooja Dubey Pandey

Director & Scientist

Pradeep Pandey

Microbiologist & Marketing Advisor

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