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30+ 57.14 % 120.00

BETi P.Florida (Oyster) Spawn


  • Pleurotus florida is commonly called white oyster mushroom
  • Premium Quality Mushroom Seeds (Spawn), vigorous, disease free, fast multiplying produced under strict laboratory condition by BETi (Biotech Era Transforming India)
  • One pack is containing 1 Kg Spawn
  • First Generation Spawn by Biotechnologist and Microbiologist Experts of BETi
  •  After booking shipping may take 10-15 days, as we provide fresh spawn
  • This booking is for White Oyster Mushroom Spawn
  • For other variety of spawns kindly contact personally price varies as per the variety and quantity
  • The delivery charges will be varying as per the distance and quantity, it has to be paid in actual by the customer. The paid amount while booking will be adjusted with the final delivery charges.
  • For bulk order we can create discount coupon on request to Team BETi directly whatsapp at 8839575166
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BETi P.Florida (Oyster) Spawn