BETi Mushroom Powder (Natural Umami)

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About the product (90g Pack)

Oyster Mushroom Powder from Biotech Era Transforming India (BETi) adds a delicious mushroom flavour to your everyday cooking, without changing the texture and enhances the nutrition levels with low fat & sugar and high protein. It blends smoothly into your everyday vegetable, daals, sauces, pasta and soups, making them protein-rich with a deep woody texture of mushrooms.It is a dietry supplement. Mushroom is an Immunty Boosting Vegetarian Superfood.

Oyster mushrooms provide high dietary fiber, Beta-glucans and other ingredients to support immunity and cardio health.

Best way to supplement your daily diet with whole food instead of extracts and medicines. Let food be your medicine, eating Sunexposed mushrooms daily provides you Vitamin D, proteins, all essential amino acid, folic acid, B- Vitanins,

  • Helps control Diabetes therefore called  “Delight of Diabetics”, Very good for weight management, contains antioxidants, Helps control Cholesterol, Blood pressure due to high potassium, as it contains Lovastatin, helps absorb calcium in your body as without Vitamin D Calcium is not properly utilized in our body. If you are eating oyster mushrooms you are not only saving yourself but also environment because Mushroom Cultivation utilizes all organic – Agriculture waste which is burnt by farmers causing air pollution.

Each serving of 10 gms (1 tablespoon) provides almost 2.7 grams of protein and is also a natural immunity booster. It’s a highly recommended source of protein for children and adults, due to it’s organic nature and zero preservatives.

How to use BETi Mushroom Powder

Very Easy to Use (Add to daily diet in simple ways)

  • Mix in flour (aata) to make protein-rich chapatis (roties) – 100 gm oyster mushroom powder to be mixed in 2 kg flour (at the rate of 5%)
  • Add to Gravies, Daal & Subzi to increase it’s protein efficiency without any change in taste while adding a rich umami flavour to your dish – 1 teaspoon to be added in a cup or daal/subzi
  • Make mushroom flavoured White Sauce Pasta by replacing regular flour with 2-3 spoons of Oyster Mushroom Powder, keeping rest of the ingredients same
  • Add to Coffee with turmeric to make Golden Latte or with Milk to make rich creamy flavoured kheer, sewiaan or oats.
  • Add in shakes and smoothies.
  • Mix with your daily egg to make the omelette, scrambled eggs and other egg dishes and even in dosa and cheela.

Expiry(Shelf Life)-12 Months (if kept in a cool & dry airtight container Once Opened

Allergy Warning- Check for Mushroom Allergy

Suitable For All age groups

Consult a physician if you are pregnant or nursing

If you have or had a medical condition, consult a physician before use.


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BETi Mushroom Powder (Natural Umami)
Original price was: ₹299.00.Current price is: ₹289.00.