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BETi Dry Mushroom


Dry Mushrooms can be used by Soaking in Hot water for 5-8 mins (just like Soyanuggets) for making curry, adding chunks in soups, noodles, pasta, chinese dishes, vegetable pulao, biryani etc. to improve nutritional value of your food

Curry Recipe

Wash BETi Dry mushroom once with clean water then soak in drinking water for 15mins.
Add one spoon olive oil or sesame oil in hot pan, add cumin seeds let it crackle, add finely chopped onion garlic, ginger, green chil lie to it and stir it till transparent, now add dhaniya power, turmeric powder, red chillie (if need spicy), let it fry for 2-3 mins., add BETi Dry mushrooms pre-soaked, stir fry for 2 mins., add finely chopped tomatoes, cover the lid for 5-7mins, sprinkle garam masala, mix it well, switch off the flame and cover for 2mins, dish is ready u can sprinkle fresh coriander leaves.. And serve hot

  • Sundried Mushrooms are good source of Vitamin D
  • Dehydrated mushrooms contains 10 times more nutrition than the fresh.
  • It is rich in protein, calcium, B vitamins, folic acid, antioxidants, minerals etc.
Weight 50 g
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BETi Dry Mushroom