Som-Mor : A Tasty Health Maker Seasoning


Som-Mor : A Tasty Health Maker Seasoning Masala.. Taste bud enhancer.. Rich Aromatic Blend of Hebs and Spices with great smell.. Tastes like Maggie Masala.. Without Preservative and Colour with remarkable health benefits. Home Made.

SOM-MOR..  is a blend of mushroom powder, moringa, turmeric, ginger, garlic, black pepper, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, olive and sesame, mustard oil and many more healthy spices.  Everything is added for a reason for example black pepper is added to increase absorption of turmeric, moringa leaves are blanched to remove antinutrients, while mushrooms and spices are roasted to increase their nutrient absorption in body.

  • Without any preservative due to presence of antioxidants in ingredients.
  • This combination of herbs with mushroom support your whole body health all at once with a pretty taste too.

Role and benefits of contents

  • Mushroom– a superfood, helps increase immunity, best vegetarian source of vitamin D, protein and dietry fiber helps maintain you healthy, antioxidants lead to antiageing
  • Moringa– very nutritious, commonly called drumstick or surjanafali tree which is native to North India is excellent source of iron, protein, vitamin B, A,C. It also act as a natural food preservative because of high level of antioxidants.
  • Turmeric– well known ancient Indian herb to support whole body health
  • Ginger– supports healthy digestion
  • Garlic-helps prevent from flu and common cold besides other health benefits.
  • Cardamom-fights mouth bacteria and protect liver
  • Black pepper– helps boost absorption of nutrients of above ingredients, improves gut health
  • Cinnamon– having preservative, medicinal properties and tasty aroma
  • Sesame and Mustard Oil-contains Omega3, Omega-6 fatty acids and presence of these oils helps increase bioavailability and body retention time of fat soluble vitamins A,D, E present in our formulation.
  • How to useSom-Mor can be used as seasoning to add taste and health to any food. It boosts the flavour of any dish. It is ready to use, can be sprinkled to curd, soups, salads bhels, salads, stuffings, bhajia, cheela, pizza etc. Also if added to noodles, soups, pasta, dalia or oats while boiling it gives taste just like Maggie masala.Loved by kids and all age groups
Weight 40 g


  1. Shambhu

    Shambhu Kumar

    I am shambhu Kumar from Patna Bihar.The product seems to be tasty & delicious.

  2. nidhi

    nidhi agrawal

    congrats dr. pooja…such a great prouct this is…my both daughters does’nt eat maggi without summor…they both r not using maggi masala now…thanks dr pooja for giving my children such a healthy n testy product….i m waiting some more products like summor

  3. Yashpreet

    Yashpreet Kaur

    I have tasted and used it,,it is just wow😍👌I recommend everyone to add this in your diet..and improve your health by replacing junk items in your food with this health friendly mushrooms and mushroom powder.

  4. Tushar


    It really tastes great, keep it up bro

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