•It will be a two day  non residential session including theory and hands on practical with six months guidance

Session 1

•Life cycle and importance of Mushrooms

•Edible Mushrooms and their cultivation

•Nutritional and  Medicinal value of Mushrooms

•Types & Methods of Cultivation

•Shelf Life & Harvesting

•Post Harvesting processing and Quality Management

• Hands on Practical Session

Session 2

•Packaging & Careful Transportation

•Design and establishment of mushroom farm

•Precautions & Pest Management

• Spent Mushroom Substrate   (SMS) Management

•Spawn (Mushroom Seeds) overview

•Pre and Post Precautions during process

•Value Addition •Preparation of different recipe of mushroom

•Marketing of mushroom and its products.

• • We also Provide Certificate

• •Training Fee:  2000/-

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