Our Center

The centre is led by its Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Pooja Dubey Pandey. She obtained her Ph.D. in Biotechnology from National Institute of High Security Animal Disease (NIHSAD) previously HSADL-ICAR, Bhopal an BSL-4, O.I.E. referral laboratory for Avian Influenza (Bird FLu) following which she was awarded as Young Scientist Awardee by Madhya Praadesh Council of Science and Technology (MPCST), Bhopal for her Ph.D. work due to the blessings and guidance of her Ph.D. Supervisor- Dr. Niranjan Mishra, Principal Scientist, NIHSAD-ICAR, Bhopal. She was awarded  fellowship by MPCST  to work as MP Young Scientist Trainee at National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune.  She carried out post-doctoral research at  Tata Cancer Hospital (TMH) research  centre  TMC- ACTREC, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She also joined industry to  make her knowledge and experience bring to an applicable level. Also she has taught in many  dignified colleges . Her 10 years of combined experience in research, academics and industry made her to start a Mushroom Spawn Production Laboratory  followed by skill and product development programs through the means of training, internship and research projects for the students. She started making  products which can meet the problems related to malnutrition and environment to help and heal the society by applying basic Biotechnology science with the vision to teach students to implement the theory into practice and develop products and generate entrepreneurship qualities in them.

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