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Growing Mushrooms – A Fun and Rewarding Experience

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I’m a firm believer in growing mushrooms. It’s a fascinating pastime, one that always holds a sense of wonder. And it just doesn’t get any better than eating something that you’ve grown yourself.

One doesn’t have to be a trained mycologist or even have a green thumb to learn how to grow mushrooms. All you need is the right materials, good resources, and most importantly:patience!

Cultivation is all about the care and feeding of mycelium, which is the vegetative growth of a fungus. Have you ever picked a mushroom and seen a clump of white filaments or tissue in the ground or bark underneath it? That’s mycelium, the organism that produces mushrooms. Think of mycelium as a tree, and mushrooms as the apples.

If you’ve never heard these words before, don’t panic. The beginning concepts section below has all you need to get started without being overly complicated.

If you already know the theory and are just looking for some step-by-step guides, skip down to the how to section on this page. Those articles are just straight-up growing instructions, without a lot of terms explained.

For those of you who don’t want to put in much time and effort, but still want some tasty mushrooms, check out the mushroom kits info and review pages. Kits are a fun and simple way to get started.

The advantages of growing mushrooms are many and varied. You can create your own healthy food. You can save money. You can learn and teach about biology without the classroom. It’s fun and exciting (really!).

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